St. Peter's Episcopal Church   


The Daily Office is the backbone of the Episcopal Christian life.  While not a sacrament, per se, the daily rhythm of confession, invocation, scripture, and prayer is inseparable from the weekly rhythm of Eucharistic worship.  Morning prayer at 8am every week day.

The Prayer Net is an intercessory prayer group who pray to God on behalf of others.  Anyone is welcome to join the Prayer Net.  

Prayer Net Ÿ Altar Guild  ŸAcolytes  Flower Guild Ÿ Lay Eucharistic Minstry Ÿ Men’s Bible Study Ÿ Choir Ÿ Musicians Ÿ Pastoral Care Ÿ Homebound Visits Ÿ Handbells Ÿ  Fellowship Breakfasts Ÿ Evangelism Ÿ AA Ÿ Chamber Concert Series Ÿ Stewardship ŸStations of the Cross Fellowship Ÿ Outreach Ÿ Inquirer’s Class Ÿ Cookie Cupboard Ÿ Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Ÿ Choral Scholarships


The promises we make in our Baptismal Covenant are reminders that we are not yet perfect, that we are called to move deeper in our faith and make a difference in our world. We do so together as the church, always professing that we will indeed live into our baptismal vows as followers of Christ, but always “with God’s help."

Community Service

St. Peter's is a part of a larger community and believes in supporting God's people:  food pantry, Meals on Wheels, Christmas Neighbors, outreach with rental, gas, food assistance.

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